Breaking News  !!

It’s a WIN for Caribbean Television.

Caribbean Showtime Tv is now available on Rogers, Bell and Ignite TV. 

Call your cable provider and ask for WIN Caribbean 659 on Bell, 

WIN Caribbean 880 on Ignite TV, and WIN Caribbean 672 on Rogers.

Yea Mon We Own Thing!

Caribbean Showtime Tv

Embracing and Celebrating Diversity

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Mission Statement:

At Caribbean Showtime TV, our mission is to bridge the cultural gap between the vibrant and diverse Caribbean communities and the broader North American audience. We are dedicated to being the premier destination for authentic Caribbean entertainment, news, and insightful programming.

Our mission extends beyond captivating visuals and engaging content; we seek to educate and inform our viewers about the rich heritage, traditions, and dynamic culture of the Caribbean region. Through our programming, we aim to promote cultural appreciation, diversity, and unity, fostering a deeper understanding and respect among different communities.

Caribbean Showtime TV prioritizes showcasing the talents of Caribbean artists, filmmakers, musicians, and creatives, giving them a platform to express their cultural narratives and share their stories with a wider audience. Our commitment to fostering community empowerment and economic growth is reflected in our emphasis on supporting local businesses, organizations, and events.

As a responsible media outlet, we strive to provide unbiased and accurate news coverage to keep our viewers informed about events affecting Caribbean communities in North America and beyond. We uphold the principles of integrity, honesty, and fairness, ensuring that our news reporting adheres to the highest journalistic standards.

Caribbean Showtime TV aims to be more than just a television station. We aspire to be a hub of connection, providing a sense of home for Caribbean diaspora while serving as an open window for the North American audience to experience the multifaceted tapestry of Caribbean life, customs, and traditions.

In accomplishing our mission, we pledge to continuously innovate and adapt to emerging technologies and changing audience preferences, while remaining true to our fundamental purpose of promoting Caribbean culture, fostering understanding, and celebrating the vibrant spirit that defines our Caribbean community in North America.